Thursday, September 11, 2014

Online Payment

As mentioned today in class, is more convenient to us for you to please pay you're dues online. What you have to do is just go to Falcons' webpage ( to online payments ( and the second to last tab called "Junior French Honor Society" with a payment of $25. 
Reminder that this is only for those of you who have not payed the dues yet. Also remember that if you don't pay them you won't receive a shirt from the club, and will be asked to leave the club. If not it will eventually turn into an obligation. 
Thank you. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

First Meeting

Bonjour Students,

Today August 29th was our first JFHS meeting. It was mainly a general meeting in which we covered the general information about what is going to happen in the club this school year. For those who missed the meeting, we, the officers (Jordanne and Alejandra) introduced ourselves. Then we explained how the club is going to work. Because this year there is French I in falcon, we decided to divide the class into two groups. The students who are in French I class and the students who are not. This will make things more organized and better for those who are in a higher level and just want to review and for those who just want to start learning the basic french. Additionally from the classes that are going to take care every Thursday right after school, we are going to prepare several Holiday Socials, so the students are able to enjoy their time in the club and have a reward from their weekly learning. 

Additionally we passed out two forms that should be printed and filled out by next meeting, which is next Thursday, September 4. The first form is an agreement parents have to sign, that consents their child to participate in JFHS. The second form is the informational form, which has to be filled out completely, plus an attached copy of their last report card (found on Virtual Counselor).
The fee to enter the club is not yet determined. Students will be informed what the fee is going to be and when would be due.

The forms can be found in the upper tab called "forms".

We hope to see you next week!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bonjour Students and Parents!

Cypress Bay's French Honor Society would like to introduce Falcon Cove to the French language! This is an opportunity to introduce the basics of the French language to middle school students, aid any student with any difficulty they might present in the french class and to develop an interest for the language that will be very useful for them in high school.

We will host a brief meeting on Thursday August 28th, 2013 in Room 119 where we will further discuss our objectives and expectations for the new year. We hope you can make it!

The Junior French Honor Society meets Thursdays from 4:05-5:05pm in Room 119. Ms. Marilyn Negron is our Falcon Cove sponsor, and Ms. Valdes, French specialist, is the Cypress Bay sponsor.

We incorporate grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation while having fun through interactive activities. Students' activities include visual and interactive learning through posters, presentations, and group participation. We incorporate French culture and history by celebrating French holidays.

This year we are including a separate section for students who are seeking any individual tutoring as they go through their class learning at Falcon, so they can follow the class and show excellent process and understanding of the french language.    

All the tutors from French Honor Society are volunteers who have completed level 3 or higher French classes.  We maintain a very comfortable and personalized environment between the students and the tutors.

Students are allowed to provide their own snack and will be allowed to eat during the meetings of class. We encourage that students bring a folder and paper to keep handouts and to copy notes.

Welcome and we hope that you join us through the amazing adventure of learning the french language.